I'm a science journalist and editor at Popular Mechanics.


As a child, I was inspired by videos of volcanologists tiptoeing around rivers of lava. I created my own “heat-resistant” tin foil suit, ready to explore the hottest thing I could find—the oven in my family’s kitchen.


A college geology course later drew my passion for science back to the surface. After graduating, I worked as an educator at the California Academy of Sciences, where I learned that I could relate anything from moon jellies to ostrich feathers to the ground beneath my feet. As a student in the Science Communication Program at UC Santa Cruz, I fell in love with science journalism. Now, I use storytelling to illuminate the wonders and hazards of this dynamic planet. 

My work has appeared in The Washington Post, Nature, Scientific American, Science News, Inside Science News Service, The Mercury News, Mongabay and The Monterey Herald. In 2018, I was the recipient of a National Association of Science Writers Diversity Fellowship.